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Make Your Skin Behave (like it did when you were younger!)

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Why settle for just looking like you have a youthful glow with creams, cosmetics and cosmetic procedures when you could actually be radiantly healthy – with a glowing complexion as a wonderful side-effect?

The truth is, our external health is a mirror of our internal well-being… the state of our health is literally written all over our face! Science continues to establish many correlations between the health of our skin and the health of our bodies. And, according to Chinese medicine, each area of your face reveals the health of a major internal organ.

So, in order to have true, lasting beauty, health needs to be optimized.


What if you could address the underlying CAUSE of aesthetic concerns?

  • Upregulate skin’s natural hyaluronic acid collagen production to soften wrinkles and lift sagging skin?
  • Balance moisture and skin-barrier integrity, reducing acne outbreaks and ‘orange peel skin’?
  • Down-regulate inflammation to get rid of — not just hide— redness and patchiness?
  • Address allergies and food sensitivities to improve the appearance of under eye circles and puffiness?
  • Improve nutrient status to feed and moisturize the skin at a cellular level for a smooth bouncy complexion?
  • Optimize detoxification to support the largest organ that clears toxins from cells – the skin?

…and radiate health from the inside out?


A Science-Based Approach to Beauty: Epigenetic Aesthetics

Welcome to Beyond Skin Deep: a synthesis of my training in nutrition, functional medicine, epigenetics and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This 3 month program is designed to positively impact the health of your genes in order to create lasting health and beauty.

Epigenetics: the study of how mechanisms – such as diet, lifestyle choices and behaviors, and stress – switch genes on or off, changing the health not only of the people who are exposed to them, but also the health of their descendants.


Why Beyond Skin Deep?

Conventional treatments are superficial fixes and do nothing to actually improve health. At best, they are temporary; at worst…..they can have devastating side effects.

The Beyond Skin Deep program uses only natural approaches such as nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle recommendations, and Micro-Infusion Facials. These modalities have been shown to support optimal genetic expression – in overall health and in skin health – for a truly holistic approach to lasting radiance!

The Beyond Skin Deep program is created for women and men who are serious about natural health. My patients are committed to honoring the innate wisdom of their bodies and have rejected the current “pill for every ill” approach. The Wellness Place cuts through the noise and provides access to personalized, precision solutions that will allow you to heal, optimize and THRIVE.

I am passionate about helping my patients achieve their goals of feeling strong, looking good and going confidently into the world to fulfill their purpose.


Don’t compromise your health for your beauty or your beauty for your health

Believe me, I know that even if you feel like crap, you still want to look good. But think about this: Inflammation, food sensitivities, nutrient status, and stress have far-reaching consequences on our whole body health, beyond our appearance.

So instead of having to fake a healthy glow with cosmetics or risky procedures, go Beyond Skin Deep and get that healthy glow on a genetic, cellular level.



Receive a free Micro-Infusion Facial with your 360˚ Assessment


Schedule your free 20-minute consultation to discuss how The Wellness Place can help you go Beyond Skin Deep!

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