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Your Body Is Talking To You

By August 29, 2018 No Comments

…are you listening?


When it comes to your health, your body’s innate wisdom is the expert.

And when there’s something that isn’t quite right with your health, your body will let you know. It’ll start by whispering, then it’ll start talking, and if you don’t pay attention, it’ll start yelling and shouting. And then leave you with an illness.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that these whispers are first “heard” by your appearance.

Why? Because your skin, hair, and nails are not the highest priority when it comes to survival, so these areas can show the effects of health stress first.

Think about it – it’s only when our inner health is vital does the body have enough energy to radiate vitality through the appearance of our skin, hair, and nails!

Psychologists have found that from the age of 30, the more attractive you are, the better your health! And, from the age of 50, people who look younger than they are were healthier than their less youthful-looking counterparts.


Looking good is the result – not the cause –  of feeling great!

Wanting to look good is not vanity. Looking good is the visible result of feeling vital and alive, able to present your best self and walk confidently in the world.

Today we have a number of ways to fake good health: cosmetics, Botox, fillers, liposuction, topical products. And there is nothing wrong with these things. However, these products and procedures do nothing to support your health and vitality. And in some cases, can actually diminish your health with phthalates, hormone disruptors and stress on your system.

Learn How to Listen to Look and feel Great!

The truth is that pesky “flaws” in your appearance – marks on your fingernails, thinning hair (or hair where it shouldn’t be), skin problems – can be early warning signs of nutritional deficiencies or imbalance in the body. These early warning signs are well documented in both traditional and conventional medicine.

The fact is, your outside appearance is a mirror of your internal health. By knowing what these superficial complaints mean, you will understand what your body needs for optimal health. You will not only look better, you will also be healthier. And the beauty of this is that the results don’t wash off or fade away.

Learn your body’s messages – instead of covering up the external symptoms – to actually support your unique genetic expression and your internal health. The side effect will be true inner health that you can see and feel!

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