What is Functional Nutrition?

In functional medicine, we address the underlying causes of your health problems (instead of just treating symptoms) so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

The Wellness Place

At The Wellness Place, we embrace a functional medicine nutrition approach, combined with an emphasis on a nutrient-dense, whole-foods diet and focus on lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep, and physical activity.

New Patient Information

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I wanted to write to tell you the good news. The new supplements are working great. I have zero tension and an abundance of energy. It’s been a very pleasant vacation with no physical problems and surprisingly sound sleep. I just finished a two and a half hour tennis outing with my daughter to find her exhausted while I was still going strong with energy to visit my dad, swim at his pool for a half an hour and then take him shopping. Thanks – it’s been a long journey but worth it to feel this way again.

Steven F.