An exceptionally unique experience tailored to you

Your personalized program may include a combination of the following based on your specific health goals and needs. The Wellness Place combines cutting-edge functional nutrition and traditional Asian therapies with lifestyle guidance to give you a natural, effective approach to vibrant health. Care is backed by scientific research and clinically proven solutions.

Let's Talk!

360˚ Health Evaluation

You can start with a 2-part 360˚ Health Evaluation. We’ll map your health biography in a 1-hour initial consult. A second 1-hour report of findings with a personalized health plan will be created and delivered in our second meeting.

Advanced Testing

Advanced testing using cutting-edge technology can identify food sensitivities, the source of digestive issues, hormone status and more.

Radiant Beauty

Good health is the ultimate cosmetic. The Wellness Place combines micro-infusion facial treatments with our systems based approach to health so you will look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside!:

  • micro-needling
  • stem-cell growth factors
  • organic skin care and personal care products

Detox & Metabolic Reset

Reduce, Remove, Replace and Reinoculate your system so you can eliminate fatigue, shed excess weight, energize your brain and body to look and feel your best from the inside out.

Systems-Based Diet & Lifestyle

I use a tailored approach to supporting optimal health. Instead of addressing a disease, I address a person. Everyone is unique. Each person has a different background, lifestyle, body chemistry and genetic blueprint. Your personalized wellness plan takes all these factors into account.

Genetic Blueprint

Using your 23andme genetic data or data from Apieron’s revolutionary genetic report, we deliver highly detailed, easy-to-understand genetic interpretation of your DNA blueprint to identify targeted support and programming that can alter genetic expression and optimize health.

Holistic Healing

Time-proven holistic therapies are used to activate your body’s innate healing abilities:

  • acupuncture
  • herbal medicine
  • cupping therapy
  • moxabustion
  • e-stim (electroacupuncture)

Body & Soul Wellbeing

The systems based approach recognizes that balance in all aspects of health brings optimal results:

  • sleep
  • fitness
  • stress reduction