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Back in 2000 – the ‘dot com boom’ – I was working ridiculous hours as a web designer. Lots of stress and lots of self-medicating with Marlboro Lights to pick me up and Shiner Bock beer to calm me down. Tapping away at the keyboard was my only exercise and I was carrying 20 pounds of extra “fluffiness”. I knew I was killing myself and I wanted off the hamster wheel, but couldn’t figure out how.

The ‘dot com bust’ came to my rescue! I took advantage the time off by totally revamping my diet and lifestyle: vegetarian to vegan to low carb to gluten-free to keto to Paleo… you name it, I’ve done it! I’ve also literally run the gamut of exercising (and over exercising): Bikram yoga, aerobics, road races, marathons, triathlons, and fitness competitions.

I enrolled in a master of Oriental Medicine Program in 2004 and I started my own practice, The Wellness Place, in 2013. Since then I have earned a Masters of Human Nutrition degree, certification with the ADAPT  Trained Health Practitioner program from Kresser Institute, and am currently earning a certification in epigenetics

2015: Looking good, feeling like crap.

Ironically, the beginning of my wellness journey also heralded the beginning of my health challenges. Although I looked great, I struggled with terrible insomnia, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. (See Exhibit A: Pink Bikini photo. Lesson learned: health and happiness cannot be found in a 6-pack!).

I apply the knowledge I’ve gained through my wellness journey in my work with my patients – and what a journey it’s been!

I figured out early on that I am the only one responsible for my health – no one else had the power to make me well. At the time, functional medicine was not in the spotlight. I felt empowered to do whatever it took to regain my health. It was a very conscious decision to change careers and get a formal education in health & wellness so that I could help others regain their health and be empowered through functional medicine.

I don’t want anyone to have to go through everything that I did looking for health solutions that were right for me. The time, the money, the days wasted feeling like crap, the ruined relationships. There are no one-size-fits all solutions.

When it comes to health, we tend to be granular – looking to specialists who focus on one part of the body instead of looking at the system as a whole. A systems based approach digs deep to find and address the underlying disruption, allowing the body’s innate wisdom to take care of itself.

I’m a big picture person. I cast a wide net when reviewing a patient’s concerns: history, diet, lifestyle, genetics, environmental exposures. I specialize in a systems based approach to whole body health. I offer nutrition consulting & supplements, identifying food sensitivities, epigenetic coaching, lifestyle counseling, and acupuncture for local patients.

Consults with me are fun. I’m not draconian. I probably won’t tell you to give up wine and chocolate – we likely have bigger fish to fry!

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