All Programs Start Here: 360˚ Assessment

A 360º evaluation that takes into account your health history, a function blood chemistry evaluation and your goals to create and a personalized wellness plan for optimal health.

  • In-depth Function Blood Chemistry Review
  • Detailed Health Assessment Questionaires
  • 1 hour Initial Consult
  • 1 hour Report of Findings Meeting
  • Written Report of Finding with Wellness Plan and Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Recommendations for Additional Testing



Become a Patient

After your assessment, choose to implement your wellness plan or take a deep dive into your genetics:

Epigenetic Reports

Dial in YOUR individual nutrition and lifestyle needs to optimize your life using your Apeiron Genomics report or your 23andme report!

A thorough review of:



Additional Reports:



Implement Wellness Plan

For people who have completed the 360˚ Assessment and want a dedicated partner in implementing their Wellness Plan; a holistic approach, smarter diagnostics, and an always-there partner in health.

  • Implementation of Wellness Plan
  • 3 months of care
  • 10 30-minute one-on-one consultations
  • Unlimited access to patient portal for questions in between consultations
  • Access to Member’s Site
  • Supplements and skin care products available at 10% discount
  • Special pricing on advanced tests



or $700 paid all at once ($50 savings)

(Individual wellness consults are available at $75/30-min and $100/hr.)

» Wellness Plan Add-On: Acupuncture

Implement your Wellness Plan with an East-meets-West wellness program to focus on stress, pain, sleep, or hormone balancing.

Implementation of Wellness Plan PLUS:

  • 30-minutes of acupuncture to your 30-minute consultations for a full hour of wellness.


or $955 paid all at once ($50 savings)

(Individual acupuncture appointments are available at $100/hr.)

» Wellness Plan Add-On: Beyond Skin Deep Health & Beauty

Implement your Wellness Plan and unlock your beauty potential with gene-influencing skincare. The Beyond Skin Deep program addresses the underlying cause of aesthetic concerns with a science-based approach to beauty!

Implementation of Wellness Plan PLUS:

  • Skin care evaluation
  • Daily skin care regimen recommendations w/samples of each
  • 10 75-min treatments:
    • Luxurious spa facial: Each treatment includes a Luxurious spa facial with Veritas Bioactives (link to info page) SLS free cleansers, exfoliation, and a combination of masks to soften, brighten, and tighten skin.
    • Facelift acupuncture and/or microneedling: for collagen production, skin lifting, pore-size refining, tightening and overall rejuvenation.
    • Body acupuncture to balance constitution



Or $1,300 paid all at once ($50 savings)

Maintain your optimal wellness with a maintenance program:

Live in Wellness Membership program

You’ve graduated on your Journey to Wellness! Ongoing maintenance ensures sustained wellness. Have an ally to keep you accountable or for when life’s challenges throw you a loop!

One 60-min consult per month with reduced fees for additional nutritional consults or acupuncture:

  • $65/30-min ($75 for non-members)
  • $90/hr  ($100 for non-members)
  • $125/75-min Beyond Skin Deep maintenance sessions ($135 for non-members)

Plus continued:

  • Access to membership platform
  • Access to advanced testing
  • Access to patient portal for simple questions
  • 10% discount on supplements and skin care products
  • Private Facebook group


Personalized health. Simplified.

Today 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. The Wellness Place was created to get you well and keep you well, as efficiently and affordably as possible. Together we create a personalized health plan—including genetic, nutrition, acupuncture, exercise, relaxation, and more—that guides you towards your best health. Add continuous care for frequent updates to your health plan based on your progress.

Forms of Payment

The Wellness Place does not file insurance benefits. Because of this, payment will be expected during the time of your visit. Check with your provider to see if care at The Wellness Place is covered by your insurance. It’s easy to download a superbill from our patient portal after each visit to submit for insurance reimbursement. You may be able to use a FSA or HSA for your visits with us – again, check with your provider to see what your agreement allows.

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